Being A Good Person

More fun ideas. Long before our conceptualisation of Christianity as a moral standard, the idea of good has always been a part of our earliest socialisation. As children, our original exploratory nature and drive to individuate was punished in all kinds of fun and unique ways (a veiled act of cruelty in itself) and doing […]

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Life, such as it is

Let’s take a look at life in 2022 (This is not a fun read for everyone.) Social contracts and consensus reality What is a consensus reality? Consensus realities consist of agreed-upon concepts of life and ontology which people in a culture or the world at large, believe are real (or treat as such.) There are […]

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The Merits of Pain

I’m starting to realise that true bravery has very little to do with being fearless. Looking back, I falsely attributed my party pack of defiant and reckless behaviours to being anything more than foolish and destructive. Having put myself in the consequent difficult situations, I’ve learnt that true bravery lies in our willingness to experience […]

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The Path of Distaste

I have to keep reminding myself I’m not alone Scaring the ghosts away, screaming through a broken telephone.   Enough is just teasing Too much is displeasing Unaware of what they’re feeding Picky eaters only just teething   Somewhere between careless give and take Walk a tightrope of fragile love and vicious hate Brave the […]

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If you spend your life searching for meaning, you’ll have missed the point

The ability of computers almost doubles every 18 months following Moore’s law. This has allowed us to create increasingly realistic simulation programs. If allowed enough time, computers could run an entire universe in a simulation. It’s theorised that this simulated universe would eventually simulate it’s own universe. So it is far more likely that we […]

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